In an increasingly globalizing world, Radici remains true to its philosophy and its vocation. Right from the start, its vision has been focused on high quality, an essential part of the Italian made product. The premium quality stands true to our home, Val Seriana, as well, an area in Italy that has major historical ties to the world of textiles.


Radici Marine is the business unit entirely dedicated to the marine industry.

A new organization in close contact with professionals of cruise, ferry and yacht industry.

Radici Marine provides a great service and offers an

extensive diversification of products,thanks to multiple technologies as Wilton, Axminster and Tufting.


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There are many unseen properties that contribute to the carpet quality.

All the characteristics of the carpet must be understood and taken into consideration to truly determine the quality.

Tufting, Axminster, Wilton are the most popular technologies to produce a wall to wall carpets, all of them have some peculiar aspects that makes them suitable for the specific use.

What really makes a significant difference, in term of quality, is the perfect mix of the fiber

density and the quality of the yarn used.

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