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Radici Marine is the business unit entirely dedicated to the marine industry.

A new organization in close contact with professionals of cruise, ferry and yacht industry.

Radici Marine provides a great service and offers an

extensive diversification of products,thanks to multiple technologies as Wilton, Axminster and Tufting.


Starting as rugs manufacturer, Radici has evolved exponentially over the years, growing into a large diversified industrial group with a worldwide recognized brand.
Radici never lost its original identity while being a part of a global textile group: a manufacturer of textile flooring in which tradition marries innovation, placing cutting-edge textile
technologies at the service of creativity.


There are several hidden properties that can contribute to a superior textile flooring, therefore each phase of the product processing is carefully
evaluated to achieve the best quality.
Tufting, Axminster and Wilton are the most common technologies to produce wall to wall carpet.
They all have few peculiar aspects that make them more suitable than
others for the specific applications. What really makes the difference, in terms of quality, is the perfect mix between the density of the fiber and the quality of the yarn used.

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