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Atmosfera #2 : Ritmo

We are very proud to present our second edition of Atmosfera by Radici.

This new concept has been created to offer different design solutions that become harmonious in a unique setting and able to transmit a particular feeling or emotion.

Atmosfera #2 is Ritmo, a collection of 8 designs created for the different areas on board of a cruise ship, that sails with the wind in the stern, towards a horizon of entertainment to the rhythm of music.

Electric lights, retro graphics and contrasts are the true essence of these patterns which come to life thanks to the vivid colors and their intense combination.

The descriptions accompanying each image mention a small clue about the undisputed protagonist of the atmosphere of Ritmo: the Music.

You can find the 8 designs in our Carpet Studio ( within the "Atmosphere" section, and you will also be able to customize them with our endless combinations of colors.

Have a look at the full project here:

Atmosfera #2
Download PDF • 17.15MB


Radici Marine_blue.png
  • Tavola disegno 13
  • Tavola disegno 9
  • Tavola disegno 10
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