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Atmosfera #3 : Glam

It is with great pleasure that we present our third edition of Atmosfera by Radici.

This new concept has been created to offer different design solutions with the goal to address the same concept for a unique area.

Atmosfera #3 is GLAM, a collection of 8 designs created for a prestigious Casino, where elegance and glamour frame a magical night of pleasure games.

Gold, precious material and art deco graphics are the main inspiration for these patterns, that combine strong shapes together with delicate textures, giving life to a game of contrasts.

You can find the 8 designs in our Carpet Studio ( within the "Atmosphere" section, and you will also be able to customize them with our endless combinations of colors.

Atmosfere #3_highres
Scarica PDF • 18.19MB


Radici Marine_blue.png
  • Tavola disegno 13
  • Tavola disegno 9
  • Tavola disegno 10
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