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Radici Color System

Aggiornamento: 3 mar 2021

RCS: the first color palette for carpet flooring.

We’re proud to introduce you RCS, the first color system for carpet flooring.

Our new palette has more than 800 colors specifically studied for a perfect rendering on natural and synthetic fiber and it includes a wide range of shades and neutral tones, between great classics and trendy.

Created for architects and designers, RCS speeds up the color choice phase and the creation of patterns, simplifying your project execution.

RCS perfectly works with Radici Carpet Studio (, our online tool designed for an amazing carpet customization.

Browse through our designs, change colors selecting from our RCS palettes and enjoy the final result into realistic spaces.

Register through few simple steps to access your reserved area and keep your favorite design and variants always at your fingertips.You’ll be also enabled to upload your own design, modify, print and watch it into some of our 3D spaces.

In the interest of sustainability, RADICI COLOR SYSTEM is the first palette made entirely of 100% recycled paper.


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