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The countdown to CSI Miami has officially started!

Join us at the Cruise Ship Interiors | Design Expo Americas, one of the biggest event of cruise interior design, taking place on 6-7 June at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

CSI will bring together leading cruise lines and shipyards to meet with exhibiting designers, architects, outfitters and interior suppliers from across cruise design.

Discover our latest products and enjoy the conferences and workshop sessions led by industry experts.

The Secret Garden - A brand new catalog full of inspirations

In The Secret Garden, the illustrations are inspired by nature, evoked only as a starting point for further considerations. They are nuanced mannered allowing unlimited interpretations and their placement in contemporary interiors.

What if we take design to the next level? In the past months we have worked tirelessly to create a new product, a comprehensive solution for designers and architects that showcases our commitment to quality, beauty, and innovation.

A product designed to elevate your style with personality from multiple perspectives.

Join the launch of our brand new product at the Cruise Ship Interiors in Miami.


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